Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi (Seri Djambatan klasik) [Tan Malaka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military strategy for combating. It is the first extract of the booklet “The Partisan and his Military, Political and Economic Struggle” (GERPOLEK) written by Tan Malakka May when he was. GERPOLEK. (Chapters XI – XIII). Tan Malaka (). This cut down version of GERPOLEK is translated from the French, which is translated from the Dutch which.

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The partisan does not let himself be influenced by the length of the struggle. The Republic does not have the right to maintain or use contacts arising from its recognition tam certain Arab countries. He must malaja those, who are in misfortune. Seri Djambatan klasik Unknown Binding: It is these kinds of war which we classify in the second category. This delegation was a republican contact mission which kept at this time links with English and Dutch geepolek.

In short, just national independence, or just political independence is not important for the proletariat, the workers, the peasants and all the non-propertied classes. D The republican army must gerpllek disloved. With such a force from 50 tocombined we will be able to defend or conquer a residence [2] or a province. Several puppet States have been created and set one against the other.

The partisan mobilizes his comrades to help, during their leisure, the peasants working their rice fields and the workers occupied in their trades. In this case, we must coordinate our attacks or our defence. Write a customer review.

[Tan_Malaka]GERPOLEK Gerilya – Politik – Ekonomi Tan Malaka | AnyFlip

Already during negotiations, the Dutch secured the possession of almost all the plantations, factories and mines, as well as important ports.

Only cowards and dishonest persons cannot wish to achieve a task which, if it is heavy, will be however of fundamental importance for present and future society. The partisan will not lose courage if, with his own primitive weapons, he has to face an enemy with every modern armament. If we draw up from the point of view political, economic, fan and social, the profit and loss account the two periods, we arrive roughly at the following image.

To return the property to the Dutch and to every other foreigner implies that it is necessary to give political rights to these foreigners so that they can manage properties of such size.

Want to Read saving…. The proclamation of the independence of the Indonesian people, made on the 17th Augustis not contrary to the international law which recognises the right of every people to determine taj fate.

We also have machines to produce textiles, paper, quinine, alcohol, ice, etc, although on a small scale and using processes that are not modern. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. They should not advance independently from each other nor retreat in disorder. Kartika Febriana rated it it was ok Dec 16, The government of Indonesia cannot be transformed into gathering of Abdul Kadirs or Hussein Djajadiningrat [7].

A ta critic of both the colonial Dutch East Indies government and the republican Sukarno administration that governed the country after the Indonesian National Revolution, he was also frequently in conflict with the leadership of the Communist Party of Indonesia PKIIndonesia’s primary radica Tan Malaka – February 21, was an Indonesian nationalist activist and communist leader. He must draw the attention of his comrades to any negligence in the matter of loans or debts, and correct their faults in a friendly way.


At the beginning the bourgeoisie managed to drive out the feudal class; during the second phase, the proletarians destroyed by violence the feudal groups, the clergy and the bourgeoisie. To discover the weak points on the broad front of the enemy, to attack constantly in tah places.

We can divide the history of the Republic into two periods, one ma,aka of victorious fighting and a period of diplomatic defeats. The government thus carried out the arrest of its citizens, actually, at the request of the enemy.

By accepting this request, the proclamation of independence would appear a joke in the eyes of the world.

Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi – Tan Malaka – Google Books

The agreements of Lingadjatti and Renville recognized the right of foreign ownership, maaka by nationals of a friendly nation or of an enemy State which had invaded the territory of the Republic. The Dutch would then come to demand political power equivalent to, or almost to what they formerly had at the time of the existence of the Dutch Indies.

Decades after the victory of the revolution, the Soviet government caused greater difficulties for the entry or the exit of its territory that it is not the case today for Indonesia, where the revolution still develops with all its violence…. The government of the Republic could not accept this proposal of a joint gendarmerie on its territory. To stop the profits running malama the pockets of the enemy who would use these profits to cover his military expenditure; to lead on the other hand the peasants to increase production, the people must themselves build enterprises which can produce the basic necessities.

The partisans must learn how to serve co-operatives with the army, whatever the place where they carry out their struggle: The period of the diplomatic failures lasted from March 17, until today.

There are various methods of partisan war which gerpolsk can also call stratagems. We are on the edge of the abyss. Description Cover Gerpolek Tan Malaka.

Gerilya Politik Ekonomi (Gerpolek)

In the next number of our review, we will reproduce large extracts from the third and fourth part of the booklet, dealing with specific military problems of the partisan war and the economic questions of the Indonesian revolution. As the Republic is only one part, and even a small part of the whole of Indonesia, the Dutch demanded that their sovereignty extend to the army, Foreign Affairs and finances of the Republic.

The civil wars can be bourgeois or proletarian. The knowledge of which he made use in this work was born from conversations with soldiers and reading, a venture of a few years ago, of books and reviews devoted to the problems of the army.

Utility of the gerpolek. Return to Book Page. Is there a single power in the world whose economy is either gerpolel dominated by the foreigner, while the political power continues to belong in reality to the indigenous population? Its aim is to overwhelm enemy action, also based on the combined tactics. By using this site, you agree to gerpolekk Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Their task was not to carry out the war against the Indonesian people or to oppress it. By the agreements of Linggadjatti and Renville, the government of the Republic recognised Dutch sovereignty over ggerpolek Indonesia. Their foreign trade starting to be restored, they could again borrow money from the United States and thus reinforce their own army, their economy and their finances. In the United States, powerful malaks called for the withdrawal of the British troops.